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VXI Serial Bus Simulator/Analyzer


The Talon Instruments™ 2108 Serial Bus Simulator/Analyzer can be programmed to simulate a wide range of serial buses for both automated test and research & development environments. When used in the automated test environment, the 2108 goes beyond simple bus emulation with its unique ability to impose a range of impairments on the data, clock, and even control lines associated with the Serial Bus Under Test (SBUT) for margin/limit testing. The design engineer is also provided with a set of interactive tools for the development and analysis of new serial buses (or for the modification of standard buses).


Product Features: 
  • Transmit and/or Receive Channels per VXI Slot for Margin Analysis of Serial Buses up to 200 Mbps and 15 V
  • Test/Simulate Transmit & Receive Characteristics of Serial Buses
  • Emulate SONET, T1/DS1, 422/485, USB, IEEE-1394, Ethernet, I2C, Custom, or Modified Serial Buses
  • Development Environment GUI Included
  • Serial Bus Logic Analyzer Application Included