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Register-Based Prototyping Module


Custom Register-Based Circuit Design Made Easy

The 7064R Series of C-sized, register-based prototyping modules simplify the engineer’s task of developing custom VXIbus products. The built-in VXIbus interface and complete documentation package, including extensive application notes, reduces prototype design time. The 7064R supports 16-bit data transfer rates up to 4MB/sec and 32-bit data transfer rates up to 8MB/sec. All seven VXIbus power supply lines are available to the user and are fused, reducing the risk of damage to the backplane. The module also provides EMI power filtering which is required by the VXIbus specification. The module is offered in 3 different slot widths to accommodate various packaging requirements.

Functional Description

The Interface Section of the 7064R consists of VXIbus backplane interface circuitry, DIP switches to select the logical address and IRQ interrupt priority, and jumper pads for setting the ID and Device Type Registers. The VXIbus signals are accessed via P11, a 96 hole pattern that will accommodate a standard DIN connector, and via E-points located within the interface section. The Local Bus is accessed via P5/P6 and TTL Trigger lines are accessed via P7.

The Prototyping section makes available over 80 square inches of user defined development area. It consists of a universal grid on 0.1 inch centers. 77 pairs of +5VDC/GND pads are distributed evenly within the development area.


The module is available in one, two, and three slot packages. The multiple slot widths are offered to provide additional space on both sides of the prototyping board to accommodate wire-wrap pins or for mounting parts requiring more headroom than is available in a single slot package. Refer to the specification section for clearance dimensions. The front panel is removable to facilitate through-hole machining if external connections to the module are needed. The front panel also provides ACCESS and FAIL LED indicators for convenient monitoring.

A “bare board” version of the prototyping module is also available. It comes standard with P1/P2 connectors, all seven fused and filtered VXI supply voltages, and 80 square inches of breadboard area. The user has access to a limited number of VXI backplane signals via E-points. The board and enclosure must be ordered separately. Refer to the Ordering Information table on the 7064R data sheet.

When to Use the Register-Based 7064R

The register-based 7064R should be considered when maximum throughput across the VXIbus interface is desired. Typical applications may involve real-time processing or high-speed data acquisition. If throughput is not a concern and a simple user interface is desirable, consider the Racal Instruments™ 7064M Message-based Prototyping Module.


Product Features: 
  • Register-Based Interface Supports High-Speed Data Transfer
  • Supports 8, 16, and 32-Bit Data Bus with A16, A24, or A32 Addressing
  • 80 Square Inches of Prototyping Space on 0.1 Inch Grid
  • 77 Pairs of +5 V/Gnd Pads Provided in the Development Area
  • Fused and Filtered VXIbus Supply Voltages