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Clone of VXI Arbitrary Waveform Generators

VXI Arbitrary Waveform Generators



Astronics Test Systems offers VXI Arbitrary Waveform Generators with a long, reliable heritage for military use. Formerly offered under the brand name of Racal Instruments, these waveform generators deliver performance, versatility, and a compact size in a single-slot VXIbus format. 

Select your solution from the models below.


Model Platform Channel(s) Memory (k or M) Analog Bandwidth (MHz or GHz) MegaSamples per second (MS/s) Resolution (digits) Output Amplitude (p-p) Datasheet
3100M VXI, single slot Single/Dual 512k/1M 100 MHz 300 4 25 mV to 32 V 3100MR.pdf
3151B VXI, single slot Single 512k/1M 50 MHz 250 4 20 mV to 32 V 3151B.pdf
3152B VXI, single slot Single 512k/1M 50 MHz 50 4 25 mV to 32 V 3152B.pdf
3156C VXI, single slot Dual 1M 100 MHz 250 11 20 mV to 32 V 3156C.pdf
3164 VXI, single slot Dual/Quad 1M 25 MHz 125 3.5 6 mV to 32 V 3164-2.pdf



Ruggedized benchtop version that incorporates a software-defined synthetic test architecture and features 21 instruments. Operate in manual or automatic modes.



Ruggedized, portable, version that offers front-line testing capabilities with 21 instruments. Its compact size facilitates easy movement through access hatches by a single person.