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Astronics Test Systems is the exclusive U.S. distributor of KineticSystems cPCI/PXI and VXI data acquisition and control instruments. KineticSystems is a brand of DynamicSignals LLC.

KineticSystems provides a comprehensive suite of instrumentation and software tools to enable rapid development and deployment of flexible Test and Measurement systems. The KineticSystems product line of high density data acquisition and control instruments are ideally suited to:

  • Thermocouple Measurements
  • Pressure Transducer and Strain Gage Measurement
  • Stimulus and Response Applications
  • Isolated and Bridge Signal Conditioning
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Process Control Applications


The full range of KineticSystems cPCI/PXI instruments are fully supported in the ActivATE Test Platform Development Environment.

In addition, each KineticSystems instrument is provided with the soft front panel application SoftView. SoftView is a simple yet powerful system tool that integrates the entire KineticSystems line of cPCI/PXI instruments into a single software package. SoftView features full instrument functionality, multi-instrument synchronization, instrument configuration storage, data recording directly to disk and retrieval of acquired data; all without writing any code!

A full set of VISA-compliant Plug and Play (PnP) drivers for easy integration into new or existing systems are delivered with each KineticSystems instrument. Software distribution includes complete set of example code in C, LabWindows/CVI and LabVIEW to illustrate the program flow required to utilize the instruments. These examples can be used as the foundation to build a specific application or used as-is for instrument diagnostics.

KineticSystems is a member of the PXI Systems Alliance and VXIbus Consortium and has been providing analog & digital I/O, signal conditioning, multiplexers, frequency counters and systems based on the cPCI/PXI, VXI, and legacy CAMAC standards since 1970.

KineticSystems products and systems are used worldwide, in fields ranging from R&D to manufacturing test and ATE systems, to perform cutting-edge research, to test jet engines, to monitor automobile crash tests, to develop advanced radar systems, to enhance performance in missiles, and to assist in a wide variety of other applications.

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