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Talon Instruments

The development and manufacture of complex instrumentation for test and validation of digital equipment on aircraft, weapons, and other systems was the specialty of Talon Instruments, which was acquired by EADS North America Test and Services in 2005 and is now a brand of products engineered and manufactured by Astronics Test Systems.

The company's VXI-based products included programmable digital test modules, serial emulators, and waveform generators. In fact, Talon Instruments introduced bus emulation in VXI format with the Model BE64 digital test module. For many applications, this bus emulator reduced cost, real estate, power, and programming requirements.

Today, our Talon InstrumentsTM SR192A provides a fast, powerful VXI digital test module with eight to 192 bi-directional channels in two slots, data rates from DC to 50 MHz, a 10 Hz - 100 MHz programmable clock, and variable voltage levels assigned in eight channel groups.  Its 4-bit address vector bus can be utilized to trigger a specific table output from the I/O module, and the 4 bits may be user-selected from any of the 96 channels of a particular timing generator group. The test module's handshake bus allows the user to select any of the 192 channels as a test input for the timing generator. Inputs may be tested for high, low, rising or falling edges, and two channels on each timing generator may be selected as test input channels during any test.

The 2108 Serial Bus Simulator/Analyzer can be programmed to simulate a wide range of serial buses for both automated test and research and development environments. When used in the automated test environment, the 2108 goes beyond simple bus emulation with its unique ability to impose a range of impairments on the data, clock, and even control lines associated with the Serial Bus Under Test (SBUT) for margin/limit testing. The design engineer is also provided with a set of interactive tools for the development and analysis of new serial buses, or for the modification of standard buses.

The latest addition to the Talon Instruments line is the T940 50 MHz Digital Resource Module, which provides up to 64 high-performance digital I/O channels in a space-saving single-wide VXI 4.0 compatible module. Engineered for reliability, the T940 is ideal for both legacy digital replacement and new test stations to be built for digital test applications including aircraft/avionics, weapons systems, spacecraft, semiconductors and medical devices.