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Astronics Test Systems is Recalculating COTS

For 50+ years, Astronics Test Systems has been providing leading-edge instrumentation products, which include a broad spectrum of technologies:  GPIB, VXI, PXI, and LXI.  Our technical experts have extensive experience with designing, manufacturing, testing, and supporting these products, which provide the foundation for our test and measurement business.

Beyond our basic COTS products, Astronics Test Systems meets ALL of your test requirements. We offer our primary capabilities individually or packaged into a solution. We work with you to complement your in-house capability and expertise or to provide you with a complete and supported solution.

Our knowledge of instrument components and integration expertise, our ability to provide operational systems with application programs, and our support network ensuring that readiness requirements are met make us the ideal one-stop total solution provider.


It’s an approach we call COTS +


COTS + Innovation = Forward-thinking Test Solution

There are always situations where a standard COTS product cannot meet a particular requirement. In these cases, we may develop a new product, refine an existing one, or conduct a cost/benefit analysis to see if the additional capability is actually a cost-effective solution.  You may take advantage of our instrumentation design skills and our breadth of knowledge and experience to ensure the solution you want provides you with test capabilities that anticipate future requirements.

COTS + Co-Engineering = Optimal Solution

The logical progression from designing and providing components is to assemble them into an integrated test system platform.  We work with you to outline the test requirements, selecting the best components from the commercial marketplace within a standards-based (VXI, PXI, GPIB, TCP/IP, PXI, LXI, etc.) architecture, driven and controlled with industry-accepted software (including our PAWS™ developers studio, ActivATE™ Test Platform, and IsolATE™ programming architecture, as well as NI LabVIEW™ and LabWindows CVI™ and the Microsoft® .Net Framework) to provide the most economical and supportable platform to you.  We have the production capacity to deliver anything from single copy to high volume production requirements.

COTS + Software = Legacy Migration

Our customers typically have a significant investment in the software running on the test platform and wish to preserve the use of this software for an extended period of time.  We have been heavily involved in the modernization of legacy ATEs for the US military.  We preserve the Test Program Set (TPS) investment by re-hosting TPSs from aging, unsupportable ATEs to new modern ATEs. 

COTS + Engineering Services = Total Test Solution

We can participate at every phase of your program to reduce costs and boost efficiencies by optimizing the test system integration process.  We work with you to outline the test requirements; together, we select the right instruments; we develop the TPS; we fabricate the interface test adapter, and we install the complete turnkey system in your facility.  We are with you from designing and building your system to designing and building the fixtures and test programs.  Our open software and hardware platforms provide the ability to create a multi-vendor platform for calibration, service support or production, depot, or design verification testing.  Your system is built by test production specialists experienced in assembling one-of-a-kind or one-of-a-thousand ATE systems.  Each system is fully tested for maximum performance and reliability by the same team that designed it for you.  Our Engineering department is co-located with our manufacturing facility in Irvine, CA.  Our facility is ISO 9001:2008-, AS9100 Rev. C-, and CMMI Level 3-certified.

COTS + Support = Obsolescence Management

As a long-time provider of COTS test and measurement hardware and software for the commercial and defense test markets, obsolescence management is an integral part of our processes. We routinely investigate obsolescence of commercial components and products to support form, fit, and function compatibility of fielded products and newly delivered items. Analysis of alternatives, trade studies, and regression testing are all used to identify and mitigate impacts to our products.

Additionally, Astronics Test Systems specializes in providing customers with long term product supply continuity. In the event of component obsolescence, we redesign the product, maintaining form, fit, and function. We also work closely with component and instrument manufacturers to identify obsolescence with mitigation plans developed on a case-by-case basis.