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Semiconductor Testing: Custom Solutions

One-size-fits-all test equipment not meeting your needs? Engineering team out of bandwidth? Talk to us. We'll solve your toughest semiconductor test challenges with innovative, elegant test solutions.

Our team works in concert with yours to create new test solutions aimed not only to fit your specs, but also to achieve your business goals of reducing testing costs, improving yields, and streamlining your testing process.

For over 20 years, our custom semiconductor testers have tested billions of semiconductor devices for the world’s largest semiconductor companies. We get it right the first time, so put our expertise to work for you.

A Breadth of Capabilities

We offer turnkey design and manufacturing services to create semiconductor test solutions that excel at meeting your production needs, your test cost requirements, and your ramp cycles. Our integrated team of semiconductor test innovators delivers a complete system tailored to achieve your specific objectives, incorporating:

  • Test strategy
  • Hardware design
  • Software development and integration
  • Manufacturing
  • Installation
  • Program management
  • Ongoing support

We are vertically integrated, with electrical design, mechanical design, software design, machine shop, and test engineering all under one roof.

Time-proven processes in program management, supply chain control, configuration management, quality procedures, and testing support delivery of your system on schedule. 

Engineer-to-Engineer Collaboration

We work from an “engineer to engineer" philosophy, where our engineering team serves as an extension of yours. We collaborate closely throughout the design process, during system install, and then continue on with support and maintenance.

Your goals are our goals, and this tight collaboration ensures you receive a solution that meets your target of test function, throughput volume, and any other important parameter. 

Extensive Semiconductor Industry Experience

Whether you need a design verification system or a production-level tester, we are your experienced partner delivering your systems with the strictest of confidentiality. 

We'll work with you to design a system that can test whatever you need for semiconductors, including:

  • Devices: application processors, CPUs, baseband processors, memory, board-level modules, end-user whole devices
  • Technology: mixed-signal, RF, memory, burn-in, high speed interfaces, others
  • Packages: single device, SiP, and more
  • Applications: consumer electronics, mobile devices, automotive, IoT, medical, and other industries 

A Deep Technology Portfolio

We draw from our extensive technology and engineering expertise to deliver sophisticated, well-engineered solutions that solve complex test challenges. Plus, with world-class program logistics, you can be confident we'll deliver your solution on schedule to meet your critical ship dates. Solutions can range from the simple to the complex, with capabilities to integrate all the resources you need for your system: sophisticated handlers, tester resources, test fixtures, sockets, and software. 

Hardware: Innovative, breakthrough system design

Thermal capabilities

  • Automatic thermal control, per-site
  • Multiples of thermal solutions, multiphase refrigerant and heating for thermal stress test including burn-in
  • Efficient system thermal management


  • Custom interfacing to the DUT (cabling & connections)
  • DUT communication interfacing

Power management

  • Wide range of power supplies to power DUTs
  • Powering up & monitoring voltage & current
  • Per board or per site
  • DUT protection

Automated Handling

  • System automation for testing hundreds of devices, simultaneously
  • DUT pick and place handling systems

Advanced Technologies

  • Deep robotics experience
  • Optical systems for inspection, alignment, and quality – perfect for narrow pitch devices

Wide range of instrumentation

  • Analog instrumentation suites
  • Digital instrumentation suites
  • RF testing

Standard and custom enclosures

Custom PCB development

Remote equipment monitoring

Software: Complete turnkey test program design and hardware integration

Test program development

Multi-threaded test scheduling

Multi-threaded test execution

Pass/fail logging

Assembly code & firmware through database management

Programming of semiconductor devices: firmware downloads, flash programming

Optimization of interfaces to production ecosystem


Services and Support

Together, the synergy of our partnership ensures your success. We offer:

  • Engineer-to-engineer collaborative design and support to configure your system
  • Dedicated program managers
  • A global team supporting installation, training, and maintenance
  • Online help and complete documentation for every solution