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Test EZ® Development Suite

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All of the software needed for complete, efficient, cost-effective test development and execution is contained in the Test EZ® Development Suite. This software toolkit primarily features an easy to use operating system (Test Executive) and a software coding tool (Code Assist). Additional support tools are provided for picture probing (Probe Assist), archive management (Archive Manager) and test documentation (Doc Assist). Test EZ® is quickly configured to any bus controlled rack & stack, windows-based, test station through an easy to use setup program. Extensive help is available with a touch of the F1 key. A library of Test EZ® station asset drivers is available with short lead times for any additional driver development.

Software Toolkit:

Test Executive
Run Time System for PC controlled VXI, PXI, compact PCI or GPIB Instrumentation

Archive File Manager
Management of test results historical data

Code Assist
Streamlined test development tool used to create test sequences quickly and easily

Probe Assist
Utility that coordinates arrows, tags and messages within digital images of your UUT

The Test EZ® Development Suite has a proven track record with successful implementation on such programs as ARC-186, ARC-222, JSTARS and ATACTS test systems.